The Yarraville Community Centre’s (YCC) mixed mode/distance learning English classes are continuing and new students are enthusiastically joining these and learning unexpected new skills on the way.

“Sometimes the students ask when we are coming back, but they also are very appreciative of our contact with them. Students are getting a lot of practice in speaking on the telephone and some are embracing new ways of learning – using technology to support themselves” commented Ana, who teaches a beginners English class.

YCC teachers are working individually with their students by phone and through the many voice and video apps available to enable them to have one to one, individual help tailored specifically to their needs. This is very satisfying for both the teachers and their students.

One of our English teachers, Dora said “the majority of my students are adapting to mixed mode delivery, slowly but surely. Most students say they enjoy speaking and learning with their teacher by phone”.

Pictured is Lobsang, picking up his learning pack.  Our office in Footscray is open at set times for students to pick up their work where this is preferred rather than it being sent electronically or by post.

We are also very excited to commence our short course and workshops program online for Term 2 with lots of tutors able to deliver their programs using new online methods.

For more information on our short course programs and workshops please subscribe to our e-news on our website at www.ycc.net.au or email info@ycc.net.au with any queries. You can also keep up to date with what we are up to via Facebook and Instagram.


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