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By Lisa Price

Mindfulness is traditionally a practice of awareness. A personal self-discovery if you like, an attempt to free one of all attachment. Yet in our modern world people are blindly (or dare I say mindlessly?) following the daily practice of mindfulness in an attempt to find happiness or success.

Mindfulness has become a brand with many experts packaging their knowledge and selling it as a therapeutic tool, a one-size-fits all model to cure many ailments of the modern world. However, mindfulness is rooted in an individual practice of creating a deep sense of awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings and sensations without judgment. The ultimate goal of the ancient practice is to change our perspective of the world by creating a true sense of self.

This is where the inquiring mind comes into play. Though 
by inquiring I do not mean analytical, rather “isn’t that interesting” than “what does that mean and how can I fix it?”

Being forever curious creating a deeper awareness is ongoing, as opposed to searching for a goal such as happiness or success. Your mindfulness practice may bring up the exact opposite feelings than you were hoping for. You may find that you experience anxiety, sadness or disconnection. Whatever our practice brings is for observation and not analysis. It just is.

So be mindful of your mindful practice.

Lisa teaches at Flourish Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing in Seddon.  For more information contact 9689 913

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