By Harguan Kaur

    Are you the class of 2024? Are you looking for a fun way to spend your last year in highschool? Well, let me present you with a fun idea: Run for Prime Minister. It doesn’t have to be Prime Minister of Australia, just any leadership position which requires a vote. Or even better, run an election for no reason. What’s stopping you?

    I actually did recently run for Prime Minister (at school) and with these foolproof tips you too can become the next Prime Minister of Australia and maybe have some more fun in your last year of high school:

    1   Befriend an artist 

    Trust me when I say you need an artist supporting you. A writer, a painter, an instrument player or graphic designer, you need all of them. Trust me, through the entirety of my election, I relied on my writers for catchy campaign slogans, my instrument players for a cool song and my graphic designer for my logo. 

    2   Analyze the demographic

    Who are you getting to vote for you? How old are they? What kind of marketing strategies do you need to appeal to them? For example, my target demographic were 13 to 17 year olds, so by analyzing them I determined the best way to appeal was through bribery with chocolate. And it worked…however I owe them chocolate now….

    3   Make a sign

    Look, for some reason teenagers love signs. Not sure why, but they love signs. The task is simple: make a sign and get people to take photos with it, edit it together and BAM! Instant Prime Minister.


    See, it’s that simple, you can have a bit of fun running for Prime Minister in high school because when are you going to get a chance again? Well I mean unless you run for Prime Minister when you are older… 

    But you’re only in high school once— so why not do something outrageous and just run for prime minister now? 

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