It is a challenging time while everyone navigates their way through the impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Hobsons Bay City Council wishes to assure residents that recycling and rubbish will continue to be collected. Materials for recycling are still being sent to our recycling partners who remain on the job of sorting and preparing household waste to be turned into new and useful products.

We know there are other worries on people’s minds but we wanted to say that you are doing a great job and to keep going. Every person’s effort to separate their waste at home into four bins is getting some good wins for the community and for the environment.

Glass has come out of the mixed recycling bin (yellow lid) and is going into the glass bin (purple lid). We’re also seeing the right bins out on their scheduled collection days.

Unfortunately there is a lot of rubbish in mixed recycling bins. Our recycling contractors can sort Hobsons Bay’s recycling but not its rubbish. Please, even in these extraordinary times, put the right things in the right bins. The success of the community’s recycling outcomes depends on it.

Collections start from 5am

Council and our contractors are working hard to maintain continuity of service at this time when the pandemic is disrupting many lives. To keep their staff safe, our rubbish and recycling collection contractors are staggering truck drivers’ start times to enable effective social distancing. As a result, residents are asked to please put their bins out by 5am, or the night before their scheduled collection day for the foreseeable future.

Delayed collections

Like all businesses, our contractors are dealing with their own staffing issues. Should we encounter a slight delay or disruption to the collection service, we ask for your understanding. If your street’s bins aren’t collected, please leave your bins on the kerbside and we will come to collect them in the following days, including Saturday.

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