Our health and well-being is all-too-often considered an afterthought once our work, family and ‘life-admin’ round-about of obligations have consumed us, despite the fact that our physical and mental state of being drives everything we do. The quality of what you ‘do’ is directly related to ‘how you are’, and doing more won’t help.  

    Stepping back and realising that it’s vitally important to nurture your personal well-being, and getting your head around the idea that less is often more when it comes to your quality of life can be tough.  In a world where we can so easily judge a person on the quantity of their individual output rather than the quality of their connection and contribution to the whole, doing more seems the easy answer to the habitual question ‘how do I do well?’.  We so easily overlook the simple answer; we do well by being well.

    Now, as again we all have to grapple with the uncertainty of another spike in Covid cases just as many of us were coming to terms with a ‘living with Covid’ reality, turning inward to take care of ourselves, although seemingly counterintuitive, is the best way to ultimately be able to contribute to the whole.  We need to acknowledge the fact that dealing with the uncertainty of life during a pandemic that won’t follow the rules is, on a conscious and subconscious level, very draining.  Not acknowledging it, and the fact that it’s an unavoidable and unfortunate characteristic of our times, is ultimately even more draining, and often destructive.  

    The ‘great resignation’ that we’ve seen in the wake of the peak of the pandemic shows that people are reflecting on whether their chosen life of ‘work – recover from work – work again’, really serves them, and that it’s healthy to put your well-being first to be able to meet the challenges of everyday life on the front foot.  

    Personal well-being is vitally important, not just for you but for the quality of what you bring to the world, and that benefits all of us.

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