It’s been a hard 12 months for many inner-westies, but artists have been hit particularly hard. When restrictions lifted late last year, access to workspaces, materials and inspirations also opened up, and the two young creatives who were chosen to ordain our latest two news-stands with the medium and style of their choice were able to get back to work. Look out for the installation and location dates, and in the meantime, enjoy some of these progress shots as the stands come together!   

Meet the artist – Gigi Gordes

“I wanted to make a sculpture that combines a vintage typewriter with lots of fingers typing away on the machine.”

“In the typewriter viewers will find one of the first stories published in The Westsider Newspaper as a tribute to the history of the newspaper itself.”

“I am painting the news-stand to match the typewriter and look like a self-contained unit that types the articles and also delivers the final product, the newspaper itself.”

“I wanted to bring attention to the many people (and many fingers) who contributed to all the articles written within the community.”

Meet the artist – Paul Zahra

“When we knew the location I wanted to incorporate elements of the immediate area”

“The colours of course will be very familiar to anyone in the inner-west: Red White and Blue!”

“Painting over the orange and working out the stencils was a big part of the enjoyment”

“Having this project to come to after being locked down was a real lift for my mental health”


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