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Talking Heads – Remain in Light

Sent in by Glenn

Their fourth studio album, this is one of my favourite records of all time.

I still remember when I was fifteen or sixteen years old and I walked into this party in my hometown and heard ‘Cross eyed and Painless’. I had never heard anything like it and I bought the record the next day. I had been listening to Pat Benetar, the B52’s, Van Halen and The Cure, so this album seemed bizarre and crazy, combining world music vibes with funk, roots and brilliant lyrics. The band really plays their chops off. Tina Waymouth on bass is funky as anything, her husband on drums, Jerry Harrison, who was formerly in Modern Lovers with Jonathon Richmond aced the funky guitar stuff. This album still holds its own and everyone I play it for loves it – including my adult kids. Great album cover, every track is a killer. Play it for any mood – house party, gardening, cleaning or dinner tunes. The perfect album.



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