Job Restarter – A program empowering women returning to the workforce 


    By Angela Martin

    The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Inspire Inclusion. As strong advocates for female empowerment, the Money Mentor program is designed to be inclusive and to inspire women at all life stages.

    Many women considering re-entering the workforce have lost confidence due to rapid changes in work places – particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    A recent survey from Indeed shows nearly three-quarters of mothers faced significant biases when re-entering the workforce. “Most moms who already experienced bias reported that the issues stemmed from the employment gap on their résumé”.

    These issues stem from the employment gap on their résumé associated with their time as stay-at-home parents, according to

    Research shows that 48% of Australian women were considered financially literate, compared with 63% of Australian men. Combined with the ever-increasing cost of living, many women under financial stress are re-entering the workforce, trying to sustain viable employment while attempting to achieve a work/life balance and care for their families.

    Depending on how long women have been away from work many things may have changed in the workforce, for example: taxation rates and superannuation requirements. 

    Money Mentor’s Job Restarter program informs participants of these changes, providing them with updated resources and contacts, and guidance on how to create a budget to achieve future financial goals for themselves and their families.

    The workshop series is specifically designed for those who have taken time away from work for family, health, study, or other reasons. It delivers relevant, real world money management knowledge, tools and resources customised to participant needs. It will assist women navigate re-entering the workforce, effectively manage income, set a plan to work towards achieving financial wellbeing and a comfortable level of retirement income. 

    More information about the Money Mentor program’s purpose, content and impact. 

    Money Mentor
    Money Mentor
    The Money Mentor program builds key financial skills with our tailored, in-depth and practical program.

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