By Michael Elkins

    An interview with Michael Wilson from the Geocaching Melbourne facebook group.

    Q. How did you get into Geocaching?

    A. I got into geocaching after I was talking to a friend about his outdoor recreation activities, we were out for a small hike with the kids and I had mentioned I enjoyed getting out walking in the bush but needed a reason to get out more. He told me about caching, at first I laughed and then after doing one with him I was hooked. Hooked hard too.

    Q. When was your first find?

    A. The first cache I found was 6th November 2014, so I have only been caching for about 6 months. I’m definitely considered a rookie at the moment.

    Q. How many have you found?

    A. I am currently sitting at 219 finds so I average just over one cache per day. I don’t necessarily look for them every day. My obsession started when I wasn’t working but has now slowed down since I got back into full time work.

    Q. Why do you continue to Geocache?

    A. I have continued to do Geocache as I find it incredibly relaxing, it’s something that allows me to forget completely about work and get out of the house for no other reason than to go for a walk and sign a hidden log that VERY FEW people know exists. There are also no time restrictions, I can go early in the morning or late at night, Monday through to Sunday. It’s a free and limitless hobby.

    Q. What’s your best moment/memory whilst Geocaching?

    A. My best memory so far would have to be a recent crazy trip to Lake Eildon. My mate Dave told me of some newly placed caches and you needed a boat to get there, I have a boat so we planned to finish work on Friday and drive 2-1/2 hours, sleep in the boat and then at sunrise boat out to the island and get a FTF (First To Find) So Dave and I along with my two young boys had an overnight trip to get a few FTF’s and had an absolute blast, cold, wet and mud everywhere but superb fun. Who gets to randomly go to an island and find something hidden there?? It’s what you dream of as kids.

    Q. Where has Geocaching taken you that you have never been before?

    A. Geocaching so far has taken me to some crazy trails I never would have walked and some stunning mountaintops that end up taking a lot longer than they should because of the scenery. The funny thing is that I live on the edge of suburbia and wouldn’t have dreamed that their were so many cracking little parks and walks around me.! The craziest trip I have done so far is the previously mentioned Lake Eildon trip.

    Q. What advice would you give to a new comer?

    A. For anyone thinking about starting Geo-Caching I would say give it a crack for sure as it certainly opens your eyes to the beautiful country we live in, and there is that addictive ‘treasure hunt’ always waiting for you. Like any hobby or sport be respectful though because there are some cachers who take a lot of time preparing fantastic caches for all of us to enjoy. Caching for me has given me a perfect excuse to get the boys out and spending time together, today we have screens attached to us and for the kids they LOVE the chase and we have encountered some unbelievable places and chat like no other while we are out hiking about or throwing down a well earned coke after some time out ‘Geocaching’

    Beware …. Addictive game ahead people ….

    A big thank you to Michael Wilson from the Geocaching Melbourne  facebook group for doing this interview with me.

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