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    Gidday again, and thanks for picking up the June edition of the Westsider – a newspaper with something for everyone in our community!

    I already feel like we know each other, we’ve been around for six editions now, and the feedback we’ve received from you has helped immensely, and will assist us in to determine the direction of the six editions to come.

    What surprises many people about our paper is the fact that it operates as a not-for-profit, and is run and produced each month by a dedicated group of part-timers and volunteers. Many of these volunteers are job-seekers who have the opportunity to upskill while working on the paper, learning about writing and editing, photography, web content management, and social media strategy. It is also a great confidence boost for people to have a simulated workplace to go to several times a week, and helps form habits conducive to being employed – a structured day with tasks and deadlines.

    As a media outlet focussing primarily on community engagement, this model provides us with exactly the type of springboard we need to succeed in the west and be there for you in the future.

    This month we unlock the mysteries of the Heavenly Queen temple, learn that the world’s fastest man is actually from St. Albans, and our ‘conversation’ is with Maribyrnong City councillor Cameron McDonald. We find out just how the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre came to be run by a local here in the west, resident know it all ‘Pete’ will once again tackles your first world problems, and the famous Westside Seagull hovers over the humble hamburger.

    All in all, a bumper edition which I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget, you can send us anything you wish for consideration; photos, stories, and media releases. We print, publish and plug community content every month in the paper, on the website, or via social media.

    Remember, if you are struggling to find the Westsider on a regular basis, let us know so we can ensure it is available at your favourite spot.

    Our content is a labour of love, crafted by dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the west. We encourage submissions from our community, particularly stories about your own experiences, family history, local issues, your suburb, community events, local history, human interest stories, food, the arts, and environmental matters. Below are articles created by community contributors. You can find their names in the bylines.

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