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His body was a temple
His mouth an open door
He’d cleared away internal walls
So he could fit in more
He took whatever took his whim
Then took much more than that
Blinded by entitlement
He’d fill another vat
By grabbing with both swollen hands
From others’ half-filled bowls
Spoonfuls from near-starving mouths

[Then drilled their spoons with holes]

‘Mine!’ he’d belch with open mouth,
‘and that and that and that
and give me those and hand me them
and drench that one in fat’
And when he’d taken all of it
He started on his clothes
But still his greed refused to quit
So he gobbled up his toes
He ate his legs, his bum, his belly
He ate his arms, he ate his chest
He ate his face, his cranial jelly
His teeth, his tongue and all that’s left…

…is nothing.

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