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It’s soup time. And while the time of pandemic might be a good chance to pace yourself over this splendid culinary invention, it just might not be.

Me, I’ve got stuff to do. When it comes to lunch, if there’s nothing fridge-to-mouth, I might just skip the whole deal and chow down on those yummy sugar-fest-bikkies over there. And we all know what that means, El Diabetes. So here’s one I prepare earlier, thereby circumventing any health threat and treating my insides to goodness and nutrition. It’s a pea and ham soup. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s lunch for two for about a week.


• One kilo smoked bacon bones. Make sure that they’ve still got a bit of meat on them

• 500g yellow split peas

• 500ml vegetable stock [optional – water is just as good, though the stock amps the umami]

• One cup celery chopped

• One cup carrots peeled and chopped

• One cup parsnip peeled and chopped

• Sixish black peppercorns.


• Chuck bones into a large pan and cover with stock and water, or just water

• Pour in split peas

• Toss in peppercorns

• Bring to the boil and reduce to a simmer for a couple of hours

• When meat falls from bones, take them out and strip meat off

• Return meat to pan with vegetables and let the whole shemozzle gurgle on until vegetables reach a state you enjoy

• Season to taste. Probably won’t need much salt.

• Serve with yods of over-buttered fresh crusty bread. JD  

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