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People do try. I get them coming to The Westsider from small businesses to large corporations, attempting to prize open the lid and tap into what we – and you – have established.

Most people just want to give – or at least give and get a little back – but a handful of others just want to take – we’ve been burned a couple of times. Yes, unbelievable as it sounds, a not for profit, social enterprise running on volunteer spirit and the sniff of an oily rag still has to deal with people taking advantage of it. We’ve got used to spotting them a mile off, but the good news is they are massively outweighed by people who want to add value to the connected and inclusive nature of what we do.

So I thought it would be a good time for me to touch base with you again about our current supporters – the folks that help ensure our viability, give you access to a local newspaper, website and socials, as well as provide me with this little monthly soapbox, all of which I’m especially grateful for.

In case you didn’t know, the paper wouldn’t happen without the Seddon Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank, and VU @ Metrowest, Transurban, The Village Store in Yarraville, and Bikram Yoga have all been with us since the start of our revival in early 2017. McGrath Real Estate Seddon/Yarraville came onboard last year, as did Yarraville Community Centre. Regular advertisers help, and that’s where Cost Less Blinds, Tim Watts MP, Hampstead Dental and Esso have stepped in during the past two years.

I’d also like to introduce and welcome two new Community Partners – Slow Food Melbourne who run the market at the Spotswood RSL on the fourth Saturday of every month, and Fab9, who have just launched the amazing and innovative “Makers Space” downstairs at The Dream Factory.

Lastly, put your hands together again to the dedicated, patient, and talented bunch of people listed in the margin to the left, who are equally deserving of our ongoing recognition and admiration. Ultimately this paper is all because of you, me, our volunteers and Community Partners.

Cheers – and long live all of us!

Derek Green,
Managing Editor, The Westsider



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