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I lived all my married life in Kent Street, Sunshine. Well, it was Sunshine then – now they call it Braybook.

Vic, my husband, worked for the railways. They had everything, the railways – all sorts of sports clubs, but no bowling club. We wanted to get one up, but they said we had to raise 400 pounds first.

So we had paper drives and bottle drives and all sorts of things, the front yard looked like a brewery and we never had a moments rest –  but we raised the money and started up the Sunshine VRI bowls club in Kent Street. Vic became the first secretary of the club. We were all in it, all very dedicated. It’s still going today.

These days, I go on all sorts of trips and I love to read novels. I like to knit – I’ve knitted a lot of baby jackets for the staff at the aged care residence I live in. A group of my friends go down for coffee at the Sunshine Plaza every Tuesday.  Some of us have known each other for more than fifty years and that’s a very long time indeed.

Dorothy Thompson is a resident of Doutta Galla Aged Services, Woornack

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