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For the grinders and coffee bean lovers; how much do you love your coffee – re your coffee beans the best? The Westside Seagull is on a mission to test beans from around the world!

Coffee Bean #1 – Brazil

The first place for coffee beans you would have to start with. Brazil’s unique climate and growing techniques produces one of the finest quality beans on the planet with a richer, bolder, and smoother espresso blend. The Brazilian beans have one of the highest selling rates when compared to the rest of the world.

Coffee Bean #2 – Columbia

The second best bean would have to be from Colombia, for their medium to high acidity and a pleasing well balanced flavour. As a bonus factor, the friendly, helpful farmers are glad to help with any of your business needs.

Coffee Bean #3 – Mexico

Our third test is from Mexico. Their coffee is rich, nutty, and chocolaty, also on the darker side, a bit like the country itself from time to time – stick to coffee and you’ll be safe!

Coffee Bean #3 – Indonesia

If you have an unlimited budget, a very high quality coffee bean is the Kopi Luwak. It’s a rare, gourmet coffee from Indonesia where the bean is passed and processed through the digestive system of the cat-like creature, the Asian palm civet. This might sound revolting but we can assure you this process is very clean, nothing is actually stuck onto the bean or picked, and it is then sent through a treating and cleaning process.

So there you go Westsiders, if you’re looking to try something beyond your basic supermarket brands of coffee, hopefully this has ‘bean’ helpful!

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