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In today’s workplace the line between having a work life and personal life is blurred.

Gen-Y’s predominantly spend their lives on social media, showing off constant profile picture changes, status updates, likes and shares. Is it excessive?

We’re so closely connected with everyone it gives us the opportunity for faster communication, but only superficially. At the same time, since communication travels so fast, any negative opinions we have of the workplace we post also travels at the speed of light to our co-workers and bosses.

This leads to questions around whether we should keep our personal and professional lives separate. As for business owners, it’s more of a lifestyle, so they pretty much created a life they can’t run from – a life of chasing their dreams and goals and living it on their terms.

But as an employee, should we mix personal and business lives? In my opinion, we shouldn’t add our bosses on social media for the sole reason that if you post something even slightly out of context, you could drop onto a landmine, exploding you out of the workplace.

If you happen to add your bosses because they are close, make sure you are personally professional and maintain your image and reputation at all cost.




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