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By The Offset Team

Art is beautiful. Words are used to create faraway lands, colours of a painting can turn a house into a home and music can express a mood we cannot articulate. But art is so much more than that, and it is through art that society draws attention to a problem, expresses a need for change and creates a voice for a community. Art is action.

For sixteen years Offset has helped to share your art and ignite action within and beyond your community. Local contributions mean that Offset explores your community’s issues, voices your opinions and shares your talent. And that talent can ignite change. Help shine a light on issues within your community or introduce your community to issues hiding beneath the surface, and let Offset help you create awareness and inspire action.

This year, local heroes Mischa Merz of Boxing Central and Women’s Circus will be featured, and your name can appear alongside theirs. Offset contains writing, poetry and visual art, while the digital works, including music and film, are hosted online. It doesn’t matter how you express yourself or what medium you use; Offset will help you have your voice heard.

Offset is committed to its contributors, seeking opportunities to celebrate and distribute their work as widely as possible. This attitude has become the driving force behind the publication and a reason Offset’s launch party in October has become a calendar highlight. A night celebrated at Metro West with all contributors in attendance, and awards presented by sponsor representatives to recognise the achievements of contributors. The talent of its community has helped Offset to establish become a respected and successful publication. That is the reason Offset is able to inspire action.

After getting your coffee at the Milking Station, and an Olympic Doughnut, take a seat in Yarraville Park to soak up the last rays of summer and reap the benefits of submitting to Offset. Hear the discussions you helped start, see the change your art inspired and join the celebration of contributing to your community. Watch your art become action.

Submissions close 3 June 2016. Visit to submit your work and see their previously published work

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