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Listen to the Sounds

Wherever you are; stop, sit and listen. Just listen. Listen to the sounds around you. Give your full attention to these sounds. Hold on to a sound until it completely disappears, then follow another sound and another. It may be the sound of a car driving by, or birds in a tree or even an espresso machine. Whatever it is, fully immerse yourself in the sound. Feel it vibrate throughout your body. Feel it as it gets softer and softer until it completely disappears. Let all of the sounds around you flow in and out of your awareness. Then narrow your awareness to include only the sounds closer and closer to you. Can you hear the sound of your own breath? Listen carefully to your breath. Stay with the sound of your breath for a few moments. When you are ready to end the practice, begin to broaden your focus again. Become aware of all of the sounds around you. Look around you and peacefully continue with your day.

Lisa Price is a yoga teacher sharing yoga with adults and children for over 11 years. Lisa is passionate about helping others develop tools to live a peaceful, authentic life. Each month Lisa will provide a “mindful moment” activity for you to incorporate into your day. Give yourself a break from the frantic pace. Lisa teaches at Flourish Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing in Seddon. For more information contact 9689 9136

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