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By Lisa Price

It’s the start of a new year and this is the time when most of us set goals for the year ahead.

Whilst goal setting is worthwhile, it is important to spend most of our time in the present moment and not become too attached to outcomes. Living daily by values leads to more fulfillment than always focusing on the future. Take some time each day to congratulate yourself for living by your values – that way if the outcome differs to the goals you set, then you still feel like you are making progress. So take some time now to think about the values that you would like to live by; for example, being healthy rather than losing 5 kg, that way you can congratulate yourself for your achievement everyday.

Enjoy the journey!

Lisa Price is a yoga teacher sharing yoga with adults and children for over 11 years. Lisa is passionate about helping others develop tools to live a peaceful, authentic life.

Lisa teaches at Flourish Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing in Seddon. For more information contact 9689 9136.

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