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Connect with your body

Take 5 minutes to stop and connect with your body. Notice how you feel. Become aware of any tension and use your breath to let go and release.

Lie down on a bed and feel the back of your body. Notice the back of the skull. Feel it sink down into the bed. Notice the shoulder blades touching the bed. Feel them get heavier. Now feel the hips sink into the bed. Feel the back of the legs get heavier and heavier. Notice how the whole back of the body is heavy and relaxed, supported by the bed underneath. Now the whole front of the body can soften and release. Feel the muscles melt away from the bones. Allow the abdomen to soften.

Release the jaw and allow the skin on the face to soften. Now become aware of the breath. Feel the sensation of the breath in the torso. Feel the gentle rise and fall of the chest as you breathe in and out. Stay with the breath for a few moments… Then come up gently, completely stretching the whole body and reaching through the fingers and toes.

Bring the knees to the chest, gently hug them in. When you are ready, gently roll over and come up.

Mindful Yoga with Lisa Price runs Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings at Flourish in Seddon.

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