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Mindful Moment at work – Wait for the kettle to boil

By Lisa Price

Find times through your busy work day to stop and just be. We spend so much time rushing around trying to squeeze as much as we can in to each moment. Try and let go of the need to always be ‘doing’. Instead of putting the kettle on and then rushing off to squeeze something else in whilst the kettle boils, stop and wait for the kettle to boil. Be still. Listen to the water heating up. Notice when your mind begins to wander off.  When you begin to think about what you could (should?) be doing, bring your focus back to the kettle. Wait. Be patient. Be present. Feel your breath. Listen to the kettle. Be fully aware. Bring your mind back as often as you need to. Make it a daily habit.

Lisa Price is a yoga teacher sharing yoga with adults and children for over 11 years. Lisa is passionate about helping others develop tools to live a peaceful, authentic life. Lisa teaches at Flourish Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing in Seddon. For more information contact 9689 9136


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