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Take time at least once a week to engage in a mindful conversation. Be present and really listen to the other person – no distractions. Turn your phone off. Sit and listen, not just to the words but to the intent.  Don’t just agree or disagree but enquire. Put yourself aside and listen. When you notice your mind wandering, take a breath and bring it back. Notice if you are just waiting for your turn to talk or if you are really listening. Don’t judge yourself, the purpose is to simply become aware. Through awareness we can change. Enjoy the practice of mindful conversations. You may be amazed at what you can learn from each and every one.

Lisa Price is a yoga teacher sharing yoga with adults and children for over 11 years. Lisa is passionate about helping others develop tools to live a peaceful, authentic life. Lisa teaches at Flourish Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing in Seddon. For more information contact 9689 9136

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