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By Mimmalisa Trifilo

There is an air of festivity as people unite over lunch, beyond the streets of Kingsville, in the under-utilised space of the laneway. This is one of many gatherings over the last five years that has been held in the neighbourhood. It is a means by which we celebrate relationships, establish and build on connections and promote inclusivity.

Residents and guests are given the opportunity to get to know one another over an informal lunch nestled behind the main streets. Tables form one long line and chairs are brought in to draw people together over a communal banquet.

People choose to bring a picnic lunch or the BBQ is used as a heat source to cook raw foods. Children are able to wander into backyards and play safely within the boundaries of the laneway. Everyone is encouraged to bring musical instruments to enliven the atmosphere.

New neighbours mingle with older residents as conversations turn to knowledge of the locality. Where do you live? Which cafè do you recommend? Information is willingly exchanged from one person to another. Keep your senses alert to news of the next laneway lunch.

You don’t want to miss it.

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