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Welcome to the May edition of the Westsider. Thanks to all of you who have read, contributed to and supported the paper and the concept of citizen journalism. In the last month I’ve had some locals say some lovely things about a few pieces and the paper in general; these have been passed on to, and appreciated by our volunteer and part-time staff.

Turning to the edition at hand, and somehow we’ve done it again – managed to fill a whole paper. Each month I hit the start of my deadline week and think “this is it, this the month I struggle to put a paper out”, and yet by the time it’s submitted in the early hours of the morning on D-day, it’s all there, with content to spare. It’s a testament to you and your fellow Westsiders.

This month I hope you will enjoy our “Conversation with” Footscray industrial art design and production firm BiGfiSh, we continue our Westsider profiles, and are pleased to present several pieces featuring local organisations doing great work on behalf of the community – LoveLuvo and the Centre For Multicultural Youth through their ShoutOUT initiative.

This month’s public submissions cover a range of topics, from childcare to social media, and regulars like Ask Pete and the Westside Seagull are in their usual fine form.

Naturally we also want to hear from you.

If you have something to get off your chest or just want to see your name in lights, the deadline for submissions for the June edition of The Westsider will be 5pm, Friday the 15th May. In the meantime enjoy this edition, feel free to email me your feedback, check our website for additional content, and please connect with us on social media.

Derek Green
Managing Editor, The Westsider

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