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Make sure you bring your appetite to the annual Harmony Feast, taking place on Sunday 18 March at Maidstone Community Centre, as the community comes together to celebrate the many cultures that call the inner west home.

Harmony Feast, which is part of Cultural Diversity Week, promotes inclusion, understanding and respect across cultures. The event is the perfect opportunity for the community to come together to try new foods, share stories, meet new people and have fun celebrating the many cultures that reside in Maribyrnong

Traditionally local

The Feast, which is cooked mostly by locals on-site at the Centre, features an abundance of traditional dishes from around the world including vegetarian and halal options.

Local Braybrook resident Soraya Barr first got involved with the event in 2016, and loves that it gives her the opportunity to celebrate her own culture whilst learning about other cultures in the community.

Food friends

“This event has the ability to bring a diverse range of people together because of the food and culture that we share. When we cook together, we have the opportunity to talk to people within our community that we may not have met before, and we are able to form new friendships,” Soraya said.

Soraya believes that Harmony Feast helps build strong community connections.

“People from a range of backgrounds are able to come together and feel a sense of belonging within our community. We are able to celebrate our differences,” Soraya continued.

At this year’s Harmony Feast, around 500 serves of each dish will be produced, and Soraya will be cooking Thai Green Papaya Salad.

“The kitchen is always buzzing with activity and laughter. Being in the kitchen is a highlight for me, as I get to talk to lots of people and exchange food with people from different cultures. Food creates togetherness and brings peace and harmony – it brings us closer together.” Soraya said.

Books alive!

In addition to the delicious feast, there will be a range of cultural activities and entertainment on the day, including a ‘Human Library’, which creates opportunities for ‘living books’ (people) to have one on one conversations with people in the community about their lives as migrants or refugees.

So head along to Harmony Feast and enjoy the time-honoured tradition of sharing a meal!

The free Harmony Feast will be held on Sunday 19 March from 12-3pm at the Maidstone Community Centre. 

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