The Westsider is a not-for-profit monthly community newspaper, run by volunteers and delivered to hundreds of pick-up points across the inner west each month. Since its launch in late 2014, The Westsider has been landing in café’s, restaurants, bars, libraries, community centres, council offices, university campuses, take-away food outlets, supermarkets, laundromats, and the waiting rooms of doctors, dentists and wellness centres. It’s also been a prominent feature and official media partner of local festivals and events.

Initially our paper was launched from a work-for-dole activity in which the participants (job-seekers) were upskilled in areas relating to the production of a local newspaper – sourcing content, writing and editing, as well as website and social media management. Hundreds of people learned skills that helped bolster their resumes, and had the opportunity to expand their networks.

Since our very first edition we opened up our pages to the people, and many took us up on that offer and became regular contributors. Over the years we have encouraged dozens of new community volunteers to join The Westsider family at every level, connecting and upskilling people who are unemployed, underemployed, disconnected, or just full of community spirit, and given them a platform to collaborate, network, engage and learn.

We’ve established an important forum for the people of the inner-west, and we’re now considered part of the fabric of this community.  We’re nurturing a cycle of awareness, engagement, interaction and participation within the community which is growing with each month.